Call for Papers: “Differentiating Nonreligion” (IAHR World Congress 2015) – DEADLINE EXTENDED

Dear Colleagues,

since the deadline for submitting panel proposals for the IAHR World Congress 2015 “Dynamics of Religion: Past and Present” in Erfurt has been recently extended by the organizers until December 15, 2014, we decided to extend the deadline for submitting abstracts to our panel proposal “Differentiating Nonreligion” (see below) accordingly. The new deadline is now November 30, 2014.

Thus, we cordially invite you again to submit a paper abstract for our panel proposal for the thematic area, “Methodology: Representations and Interpretations.” The XXI IAHR World Congress will be held from August 23 to 29, 2015, in Erfurt, Germany. For more information about the conference see:

Of course, all the abstracts that have been submitted so far will be considered in our final selection for the panel proposal to the IAHR in December. However, in case you have sent us an abstract already, but you want to revise it before the new deadline in November, feel free to submit a new version of it.

Call for Papers: “Differentiating Nonreligion”

There is an apparent growth of research on people who explicitly or implicitly distance(d) themselves in diverse ways from specific religious traditions and ways of life or from religion as such. These studies of “nonreligion” or “nonreligiosity” complement research on secularism and secularity. In our panel, we differentiate specific modes of nonreligion by approaching nonreligious phenomena relationally, i.e. we propose focusing on their various (often co-constitutive) relations towards respective local religious fields in order to contextualize historical transformations and ongoing changes in these religious fields as well as struggles of religious and nonreligious actors about issues of secularism. By interrelating individual biographical factors and the wider socio-cultural, religious, and political contexts shaping distinct understandings and expressions of nonreligiosity, we move ahead of obvious contrasts such as the opposition between indifference to religion on the one hand and various forms of atheism on the other. Focusing on methodologies and concepts of representations and interpretations of such different types / kinds / modes of nonreligion, our panel aims to bring together scholars engaging empirically and theoretically with these questions.

Papers are limited to 20 minutes. The new deadline for submission of abstracts (max. 150 words) is November 30, 2014. Please submit your abstract to: or (please do not reply to this email address)

We look forward to your contributions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Alexander Blechschmidt
Johannes Quack
Emmy Noether-project “The Diversity of Nonreligion” (